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Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009 Blazing A Thousand Trails Tour Now Underway

Left home on Thursday, June 4 in the rain. Usually this is the toughest time to head out on a tour. With 4 months of the unknown ahead, it can make one wonder why we do what we do. It is always easier returning from a long tour, because the wonderful experiences are always better than you thought they would be. From the gigs that turned out great, to the CD's sold to folks that like what you do, to sites that you got to see, to the great people met along the way, to that exhilarating feeling returning home of a mission accomplished, are all the reward. Whereas most people leave home in search of a vacation, for a change from the norm, coming home to a touring musician is only the start of a wonderful vacation.

The first night out in Greenville could have been better. Thursday night is Bike Night at Chief's, but the rain kept the bikes way. We still had a fun set inside, although some of the folks didn't know what hit them when the band started. The bikers never have a problem with that. Not to worry as there will always be another good weather Thursday down the line.

Friday was a different story. This was a great time in Greenville. Thanks to the folks that drove 100 miles or more to be with us, and they were numerous. That's why we're on the road. Now the band heads back to Atlanta and I head North. Next stop: Lake Gaston, NC.

The solo gig here on Lake Gaston, NC was OK. When you play for a crowd that has a DJ mentality, then communication is sometimes hard. There is a whole generation of folks coming along that were raised on recorded music. That is so sad. Fortunately, there are always a few in the crowd that have a clue, and appreciate good music and to hear something they haven't heard before. I can observe so well the people sitting and listening, that are enjoying, and are relating to the songs I wrote, as well as the ones I didn't. They are the ones that will buy CD's, contribute to the gasoline fund, and let you know they liked what you do. As long as DJ's, Karaoke bars, and the media for that matter, keep feeding the the masses the same thing over & over, that's all they will ever hear. Here's to the independent musicians and songwriters that keep on writng and touring and attempt to weave new threads into the old fabric.

Now I'm sitting in a beautiful site in the campground on the lake. I'm going to work on some new tunes, and to listen to the Atlanta Braves on XM (even though I'm PO'd at how they treated Tommy Glavine). I'll hit the beach, do a long walk, and thaw the steak for a cookout later. The plan is stay here two days and head to Pennsylvania on Tuesday. More to come. Stay tuned.

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