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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shame On You Delta Soars To New Heights

The Single by Roger “Hurricane” Wilson That Says It All

The title, "Shame On You Delta!" says it all. This airline has taken passenger abuse and mistreatment to a whole new level. They charge ninety bucks if your bag is one pound over the limit, in addition to charging to check any luggage.They have taken away all amenities except for slinging a few stale peanuts at you. Last fall, one ticket counter hag in Ontario, California actually made me take my computer out of the case, then sent the empty case to Atlanta for no reason. I had to then carry my computer on the plane unprotected. She also did this in front of other passengers. I was livid, and reported it online while on the plane. Funny thing was, I was carrying a shoulder guitar case containing two guitars, but that she said nothing of that. Delta called me in Key West from Atlanta the next morning to find out why they had received this empty computer case. When I told her about the Ontario Crazy Lady, who apparently is named Terry, they said they didn’t understand her actions. They promptly sent the bag to me the next day. When the nice girls on the ramp were shocked at what happened, they just rolled their eyes and said there was no reason for that to have happened. The company did try to make an amend with a voucher, but it doesn’t end there. In Memphis, another little, short, fat man on a power trip saw that the pouch on my roller bag wouldn’t clear the breadbox test contraption that no carry-ons ever fit in. He made me check it (for a charge of course). When I got to the gate, I told the gate guy that the bag I had wasn’t any bigger than all of the ones I was seeing there. Again, he rolled his eyes and said, just get online and complain. I did, and had to fight to get a $25.00 voucher. Big deal! But there is a pattern here… many of the employees realize what is going on! They roll their eyes regularly. If Delta was to total up all of the vouchers they give out for screwing up, maybe they wouldn’t be in position to be filing bankruptcy. So, this song says it all. SHAME ON YOU DELTA!

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