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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mid-March 2011 Update

March has been touch and go. My 93 year old mother, Dee Wilson, fell and broke her hip on March 6, but is now resting comfortably in a rehab center after 2 times in the hospital. I am so thankful for that. There were a few dates I had to miss because of this. I'm hoping nobody was inconvenienced, but will also understand. This was her first time in a hospital that I can remember. She is such a trooper that I can only hope to maintain her type of health, attitude, and longevity.

The new Americana CD, The Rainbow Up Ahead, is now available and being received well. It is curretnly being sent to radio stations. You can order a copy by sending $15.00 via Paypal. You will also receive a free MP3, and as always, we pay shipping. Thanks for continually supporting us.


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