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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Haven't posted much lately but thought I'd try to catch up. There's a lot of great
things happening in my world this year. Since I joined up with an
international music publishing and video company, I just recorded my 20th
online guitar instruction video. I'm writing about 1 or 2 lessons a week
which has really brought everything around full circle, since teaching was
what I did right out of high school in 72 for 15 years, in addiiton to
broadcasting and touring. I've met many new friends all over the world
through this latest endeavor, and it is a wonderful experience. Although I
am still going out on some tours, this opportunity has made it possible to
look at a lot lower number of orange barrels. Also, I don't have to see as
many orange signs that say End Roadwork, which is just a blatant lie anyway.
This week I will fly to Memphis to attend the Blues Awards, and then return
home to play the Smoke On The Lake Festival. I do hope to catch up
with some zellers there. Then on Sunday, I'll be heading to Nashville to
play the Bluebird Cafe. Several festivals across the U.S.and Canada, and
more at home than usual are booked this year, so that's a comforting
thought. In July, I'll be touring New England and will shoot a DVD produced
by Paul Benjamin in Rockland, Maine. My "Pennsylvania Railroad Band", Harry
Werner and Scott Stump will join me on bass and drums for that project. The
many solo dates at RV resorts across the U.S. have been like a breath of
fresh air, and are still coming in. Later in December, Willie "Big Eyes"
Smith and I will be heading out on our third duo tour. We're already filling
in dates for that, so any venues interested in jumping in on that, please
let me know. We had some great sold out shows on the last tour. I've been
been recording every gig for the last 6 months, so there will be some live
projects surfacing here and there. I'm also hoping everyone out there
affected by the natural and ecological disasters currently looming over us
will recover unscathed.


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  1. Saw you last night at Scooter's, Roger, and it was such a treat! Thanks so much for sharing the music! Will be looking forward to seeing you perform again sometime soon!