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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer NAMM Show in Nashville

The show wrapped up today, and while this summer show has become smaller, it was still a great opportunity to network with folks who are fast becoming friends. I made my regular trip brought in by Q Lighting and Burris Amplifiers, with the opportunity to showcase these wonderful amps.

The Friday night show gave me the opportunity to open for John Sebastian and Jimmy Vivino (Conan O'Brien), as well as sitting in with them for a tune. Doing a great job on bass for me was Steve Goodie, who owns and operates Pitch Perfect Recording, where I am currently recording my projects. Steve also MC's the Sunday Night Writers' Nights Studio and the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. Other BA endorsers performing were Audrey Auld and Will Kimbrough. I always enjoy attending the seminars at NAMM, most notably the ones given by George Hines of George's Music. I've had the pleasure in the past of conducting Blues In The Schools sessions for him, as well as performing at George's Springing The Blues Festival in Jacksonville for several years.

It was great to hang out with my friends and colleagues, the owners of the company that I now teach online guitar lessons for, Watch & Learn, Inc. Bert Casey and Geoff Hohwald made the trip, so scoping out some new opportunites with them was nice.

Taylor Guitars has been great to me as far as keeping my axes up and running. It was a treat to go to lunch with Artist Relations Director, Bob Borbonus, along with legendary Nashville picker Doyle Dykes, and Dillon from the Nashville based Dillon Dixon Band. I also attended a seminar on seeking endorsements by Bob, as well as artist relations guys from Mapex, Yamaha, and Martin Guitars. It was a great trip, but now back to the regular job playing, writing, and recording more music. Until next time. Roger

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