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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shame On You Delta!

Delta did it again! My flight going out from Atlanta to Orange County last week had a broken radar instrument. The pilot then announces after a 30 minute delay that they can fly without it! All of the passengers groaned in unison. On the flight back, they were oversold. That happens frequently, but then they announced at the gate that the water system on the plane was out of order due to a broken circuit breaker. There would be no coffee or tea available, and restroom use would be limited on this flight. The kicker is that one lavatory on that plane was already out of order from a day or two earlier due to an unrelated problem. There is always an issue on this airline! It never quits! Now they have posted a $363,000,000.00 profit as a result of blatant and gross passenger abuse. The figures vary, but there was definitely a 19,000,000.00 4Q profit. This is disgusting! Not that making a profit is, but the way they did is. By gouging customers on unreasonable bag checking and re-booking fees. That's just the latest, in addition to the lost dog fiascoes, and the rude treatment of military personnel. Don't just take it from me. If you really want to hear the complaints, just read the posts on the Delta Airlines Facebook page, and the number of Facebook pages listed as Delta Airlines Sucks. The accompanied video link is a result of previously being jacked around by Delta ticket agents and gate grunts. Everything from confiscating a computer bag that was within size regulation, being charged excessively for checking bags, and even more so for having to pay exorbitant fees to change flights, as well as fees for assistance on the phone. Then they are actually considering charging for carry on bags, and possibly to use the restroom! It doesn't end there. The video says it all.


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