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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Northeast & New England

The month of June was a wet one in the Northeast. It seems there is always too much rain or not enough in any area anywhere. Drouts & floods are what we hear about. After performing solo at Kclinger's tavern in hanover. PA on June 11, I had a nice listening audience at The Little Coffeehouse in Camp Hill, PA. The folks that showed up for the performance in Hershey on June 13 were very responsive and a joy to play for. Heading to a resort to perform in Lancaster, PA was very nice, especially being able to park the rolloing motel room right on the river for 3 days. Then playing at my regular stop at the Relax Inn in Chambersburg, PA., it was out to South Jersey for a solo performance there on Friday night. This was the weekend for the annual Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Championship Tournament in NJ. I had to catch a flight from Philadelphia to Kansas City early on Saturday morning to perform with the band, Levee Town at the Parkville, MO. Riverjam, so I missed the blade flying festivities. Unfortunately, I was told that rain put a damper on much of the weekend in NJ. I was right back in NJ a day later. Seems like I was commuting between PA. and NJ several times and trying to avoid Philadelphia traffic most of the time, but still finding myself wrapped up in it. The end of June had me performing between PA., and NJ, and in E. Stroudsburg, PA for a fun time with the band at the Timothy lake North Preserve. At this writing, I am in Boothbay, Maine doing a few solo acoustic perfromances, and prearing for the North Atlantic Blues Festival Pub crawl on Saturday, July 11. Til next time!