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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Victory For Musicians

I just appeared in court today in Macon, Georgia in a suit against the club, Rivalry's, for not honoring their booking commitment back in June. We won the judgement! This is truly another victory for musicians everywhere, and my second legal victory. There are many clubowners that I have worked for many years and who are good long time friends. This in no way reflects on them, but only on the ones that fall in the scumbag category!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October, 2010 As Fall Sets In

Well, September went out in style after a great tour to the Sacramento area and some gigs with Dave Channell's Fire & Wheels Band. Then back to Atlanta for some home time. I've been doing quite a bit of renovations to my house that I've been in for 25 years. It's great to travel and play music, but home is like vacation. At this writing, I just landed in Key West, FL. for 5 gigs, 4 at Sloppy Joe's, and 1 at The Green Parrot. I always seem to fell like I'm coming home when I'm here, so that must mean I'm at home everywhere. October looks to be a good month as fall sets in, with some other gigs at home as well, and usually proves to be good inspirationally for writing and such. There are new songs on the horizon, and some recently written that are currently being uploaded to be available for download. Be sure to check out
I'm quite excited about the new material going up, which is kind of a blend of Blues & Americana. One new song that I am excited about is one I just wrote for BBQ1 owner Sam Huff. I play for him at his Marietta, Georgia restaurant, and always have a great time. He has been cooking award winning bar-b que for quite some time. The new song is cazlled, Sam The Bar B Que Man. Already, singles are available from the live performances there. If you are interested in a copy, send an email to Also, more guitar lessons are going up regularly. You can check those out at Presented by Watch & Learn
Until next time! Roger