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Monday, March 25, 2013

Great night performing at the Bluebird in Nashville last night. Heard some great songwriters and also Rich Fagan, who had hits for George Strait, John Michael Montgomery, and others. The show, Nashville, has taken this place over the top. Folks who never had a clue about the BB, or music for that matter, are driving up in lines to take photos of themselves at the place as they would at Disney, the Southernmost Point in Key West, or the Grand Canyon. While many clubs are trying to figure out how to get customers with karaoke, D.J.'s, and tired sounding classic rock bands, it is wonderful to see folks waiting for hours to pile in to see and hear songwriters they have never heard of playing songs they've never heard. The Bluebird has always been successful as the top songwriter venue and has launched many successful careers. It is also a beautiful thing that the BB requires customers to shut the hell up while the writer is performing, something that the general clueless population just doesn't understand as they blatantly spew idle chatter in endless bars everywhere while musicians are rudely ignored. In the meantime, I'll just keep writing and recording songs minus the bling-bling. Who knows... maybe you might even hear one. Speaking of bling-bling... I did step in some once and had a bitch of a time kicking it off my boots.