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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today is the next to the last day of the 2012 New England Summer Solo Tour. It has been a great one, meeting new folks and making new friends, such as Jason & Nikki Wynn, a young husband & wife full-time RV video and blogging documentary team. These folks have it going on and are living their dream early in life, and not waiting on retirement. They are the antithesis  of the term, "Youth Is Wasted On The Young". They also produced a video of our visit together, and to one of my New England performances. Check them out on Facebook at:

There were also many hours of beautiful, and uneventful, though thankfully safe drives. Here's a brief sample :

All of the dates on this tour were at beautiful RV resorts in New England, with the exception of a few  cool restaurants/ music venues. The Relax Lounge in Chambersburg, PA is always a stop coming and going to  the Northeast & New England. It's just like going home with a place to plug in the rig for the night, great food, and a place to Relax, just as the name implies. Many Thanks to Mike and Billy for always making me feel welcome.

The newest family venture is a beautiful venue, Taverna 5450, owned by Mike's cousin Nick. Situated at the foot of a ski resort in Fairfield, PA, it is a great place to hang out. Like the Relax, that Nick used to manage, he now extends the same hospitality and opportunity to perform on the road. Check them out here:

A brief stop in New Jersey to visit friends and to cruise my childhood town, and small Jersey Shore beach hamlet of Keansburg, NJ was next. I drove through briefly and let the camera roll. I had left there in 1967 to head south to boarding school, only to return for one year in 1972 for one year of college. The music bug had bitten me in Georgia long before, so back south I went in 73. The rest is history. Join me here as I cruise the town in a surreal, Back To The Future" moment:

Next, I headed to Pearl River, NY, just above the NJ line, to perform at Johnny's Smokehouse. I have been playing Pearl River for a number of years now. It's a cool town with its own colorful characters, and a fun loving and active community atmosphere. I always appreciate Bobby and Ann Lyons for finding gigs for me and putting me up while there. Unless life steps in, I'll plan be back there next year in 2013.

I have a new CD single release now available for download as well as a physical disc. The song is entitled,
"I Did What I Wanted To The Way I Wanted To". It is an uptempo Blues Swing type shuffle recorded in Nashville in 2011. The song pretty much depicts my lack of ability, and probably the unwillingness to deal with authority. It is slated for a future CD, but in this day and age, music consumption is really more about the song as opposed to just buying full records or CD's. Of course, CD sales are what usually take musicians over the top financially on their tours, but getting the music to the masses and to who wants it is now the name of the game. Check it out here:ttp://
If you like it, please buy it!   ;o)

The Willie “Big Eyes” Smith CD is approaching completion, going to the manufacturer this week in time for an August 1 release. The CD will then be available online as well downloads very soon. Willie wanted this project to happen. I'm really sorry he isn't here to see it, but I am very appreciative of his family for letting this CD become a reality. There is only one week left in our Kickstarter campaign. We still need a lot of help in reaching our goal of $6000.00, We're still hoping!  You can still pledge here.
Here is a look at the new CD cover.

 As soon as "Live Blues Protected By Smith & WIlson is released, I'll be starting work on completing the upcoming acoustic guitar instrumental Christmas CD. It is already recorded, but now we'll be crashing on artwork.

It’s been a great tour, meeting great folks, making new friends, and of course, playing music. But like my song says, "When It's Time To Go Home, It's Time To Go Home", from my 2011 CD, "The Rainbow Up Ahead". Check it out here:  If you like it buy it!  ;o)

Til Next Time!